Montana based web developer specializing in creating web applications in Laravel, VueJS and Angular. Currently overseeing engineering at Trak Software as Chief Technology Officer, building a web application to simplify and streamline communication in sponsorship activation and management.

Back-End Development

PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, PHPUnit, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

Front-End Development

Vue.JS, AngularJS, Tailwind, Javascript, Sass, jQuery, Bootstrap

Infrastructure & DevOps

AWS, Terraform, Docker, Forge, Composer, CI/CD, Webpack, Gulp, Git

Content Management

Craft CMS, Statamic, ExpressionEngine, Drupal 8

Recent Articles

Why I Dropped Out of College

In every job interview I’ve ever been in, this question has always been asked. In the beginning of my career, I tiptoed around it, trying to justify my decision with anything that would change the subject. Hiring professionals aren’t typically super excited you bowed out of any challenge, much less......

Burnout is okay, it’s part of becoming a better developer.

The majority of developers I’ve worked with or met have fallen into a phase of burnout. It’s tiring keeping up with every JavaScript framework that’s “the new standard”. This of course changes every 6 months, and senior developers know how to navigate these trends. There’s not many careers that ch......

A Developer Motto to Live By

Every article I’ve read about hiring the “right” developer has a different perfect solution. But to me, the best developers I’ve ever worked with have had the same quality. You can write a perfect job description, requiring your complete engineering stack, and still fail to find the right fit. Lea......

Resume Brandon O'Hara

(406) 850-3117 | Billings, MT | brandon@brandonohara.com

Current Employment

Chief Technology Officer


Overseeing Engineering of the Trak Sponsorship web application including developing a product roadmap, managing development sprints, and managing third party integrations. Trak Sponsorship is built on the Laravel (PHP) Framework, and is comprised of a Laravel web application utilizing a REST API and VueJS components.

Trak Software

February 2018 - Present

Billings, Montana

Principal Developer / Co-Founder

Laravel Development of a Project Management application. Development included creating Laravel / CodeIgniter applications to support a AngularJS front end.

June 2015 - February 2018

Skills: Laravel, PHP, VueJS, AngularJS, Sass, Bootstrap

Technical Lead


Oversee application and website development, including providing estimates, technical documentation, and client status reports over the span of the development lifecycle. Development includes Laravel, Craft CMS, and AWS infrastructure planning.

Happy Cog

December 2019 - Present

New York, New York

Skills: Laravel, Craft CMS, Tailwind, Amazon Web Services, Terraform

Past Experience

Senior Developer (Contractor)


Laravel Development of a Data Visualization application consisting of multiple datasources. Development included building a Laravel Application consisting of AngularJS and VueJS components.


February 2018 - October 2019

Bozeman, Montana

Skills: Laravel, VueJS, AngularJS, Sass, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services

Senior Full Stack Developer


Front End Development of marketing campaign web applications. Development included building AngularJS applications to capture user information in marketing campaign websites.

Splashlab Social

February 2016 - February 2018

Bozeman, Montana

Skills: Laravel, AngularJS, Yii2 PHP Framework, jQuery, Sass, Grunt, Wordpress, Drupal

Full Stack Developer


Web Development of ECommerce and Real Estate websites. Development included creating websites on the ExpressionEngine CMS and building CodeIgniter (PHP) plugins.

Prime Incorporated

2012 - 2016

Bozeman, Montana

Skills: ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS

Freelance Web Developer


Development included creating websites with PHP and jQuery, as well as building content management systems on PHP


2010 - 2012

Bozeman, Montana

Skills: CodeIgniter, PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS


Computer Science

Completed 67 credits of Computer Science extensive courses, including Database Management, Advanced Programming Techniques, and web development and design.

Montana State University


Skills: Java, SQL, Python, HTML/CSS

Brandon O'Hara

(406) 850-3117 | Billings, MT | brandon@brandonohara.com

Development Skills

Back-End Development

PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, PHPUnit, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

Front-End Development

Vue.JS, AngularJS, Tailwind, Javascript, Sass, jQuery, Bootstrap

Infrastructure & DevOps

AWS, Terraform, Docker, Forge, Composer, CI/CD, Webpack, Gulp, Git

Content Management

Craft CMS, Statamic, ExpressionEngine, Drupal 8


Trak Software Laravel Application


Trak Software | 2015 - Present

Trak Sponsorship is a collaboration tool used by sports organizations who sell multi-asset corporate partnerships and businesses who buy them. The newest version of Trak Sponsorship is built on the Laravel PHP framework and AngularJS JavaScript package.

OnMetric Business Analytics


OnMetric | 2018 - 2019

A AngularJS front end application extending a business analytics tool. Components include integrations with Google Analytics, MailChimp, and communicating with a custom Python API.



Splashlab Social | 2017 - 2018

A Drupal / Magento website driving race registration and race gear ecommerce. Website has several integrations between Drupal and Magento to seemlessly serve content.

Aruba Networks


Splashlab Social | 2017

A Laravel Application built for HP's announcement of acquisition on Aruba Networks. The application provided lead generation by funneling user inforamtion after completing the conference quiz.


SimplEE Plugins

SimplEE Instagram

Plugin that allows you to integrate Instagram's API directly in your templates.

Rets MLS Import

Module that allows scraping MLS databases via RETS, and displaying listings.

SimplEE Geolocate

Fieldtype that geolocates given addresses, and stores Google's data response.

SimplEE Search

Module that allows advanced searching of channel entries, with weighted sorting.

SimplEE Phone

Simple fieldtype that formats and maintains user inputted phone numbers.

SimplEE Yelp

Plugin that extends Yelp's API to generate listings, reviews, and images.

Let's Be Friends

I mean, I'm a pretty cool dude.


Terrible Golfer

I constantly fall between feeling like I could win the Masters and having never seen a golf club.

Mediocre Painter

I paint happy little mountains, clouds and trees that would make Bob Ross proud.

Out of Shape Hiker

I've spent a lot of time up in the mountains, but significantly more time on my couch.

Beer Drinker

The best beer is a free beer, but the absolute best beer is a Porter or Stout.

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